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Canoe pool (www.canoepool.com) was officially launched in February 2017, run by Chongqing Yuhuan Technology Ltd. The founder of Canoe started his career in Bitcoin mining industry early in 2013 and after four years of fast development, the company has built two large-scale mining farms in Sichuan and Xinjiang, with a total capacity of 75,000 KW. With a professional operation and maintenance team, the company has extended its business to the entire industry chain of Bitcoin mining, ranging from miners, mining farms to Bitcoin pool.

Canoe adopts a PPS+ allocation method which guarantees a much higher mining income than the traditional PPS. We also provide 7x24 maintenance and deliver transparent mining allocation as well as easy user experience. From a unique role as a mining farm operator, pool service provider and also a miner, Canoe takes all miners’ interests as its top priority. With integrity, simplicity and high efficiency, Canoe pool is committed to making its contributions to the healthy development of Bitcoin mining industry. We appreciate all your support and trust!


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